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Click here to send us your inquires or call (852) 36130518

Clarity Correction Cream

Sales price: HKD 368.00

Saffron - Liquorice - Bearberry
This skin care cream acts like a flash of radiance on your skin. It contains Saffron, Liquorice and Bearberry which are known for their anti-pigmentation and anti-blemish properties thanks to their antioxidant and brightening action.
Leaves skin clear with an even complexion.

Directions for use:
Clean your face, then spray with the"Cucumber Tonic Lotion". Apply "Clarity Correction Cream" on face and neck gently rubbing pigmentation marks. Can be applied in the morning as a clarifying day cream.

Plant-based active ingredients:
Liquorice Extract: helps prevent the appearance of brown spots and favours the mitigation of pigmentation marks
Saffron Extract: antioxidant rich in carotenoids, anti-radical
Bearberry and Vitamin C Complex: reduces melanin synthesis and evens out the complexion

Ayurveda Formula, 97% of ingredients of natural origin.