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Click here to send us your inquires or call (852) 36130518

Gentle Exfoliating Cream

Sales price: HKD 238.00

Creamy exfoliating scrub with high concentration of Apricot stone granules which eliminate dead cells and impurities by a mechanical action. Mild Apricot and Almond oils nourish tone and soften the skin.
A blend of Extracts of Aloe Vera and Neem work together to help soften, calm and decongest the skin.
Your skin will be wonderfully soft and clean, with a smooth complexion.
Ideal preparation to get the best out of any further treatment.

Directions for use:
Apply this gentle exfoliating scrub all over your face, after first wiping with a damp flannel. Gently but firmly rub the cream in with your fingertips in circular motions for about two minutes to dislodge dead cells. Rinse thoroughly with water. Finally, spray with Cucumber tonic lotion. Use the scrub once or twice weekly. Suitable for all skin types.

Plant-based active ingredients:
Apricot Stone granules: natural exfoliant.
Apricot Oil: rich in vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids, anti-aging and skin-firming.
Almond Oil: rich in vitamins, repairs, nourishes and softens the skin.
Aloe Vera Extract: softens, anti-inflammatory, regenerates.
Neem Extract: fortifying, anti-inflammatory

Ayurveda Formula, 96% of ingredients of natural origin